Melony Apartments, takes into consideration accessibility issues with respect for people with disabilities.
The hotel operates in accordance with the local accessibility legislation to ensure that its customers can have a stress-free holiday and enjoy the services of the hotel independently, comfortably and equally.

For questions and requests regarding accessibility, you can contact us on 0532711722
Or email us at – hotelmelony@gmail.com


Service animals are allowed.

For people with visual impairments, you may request assistance in finding your way around the hotel.

The staff is at your disposal and will be happy to assist with your accessibility requests.

A disability-accessible entrance to the hotel, please enter from 136 Retamim Street, Eilat.

The front desk is accessible.

Special Audio systems can be requested for a person with hearing needs. 

Accessible rooms 

There is an accessible room on the lobby level, you can request more details about the room in the reservation centre by calling 086318228.

For more information or issues regarding accessibility, please call Dean.

mobile phone (also for SMS) 0533391271.
Email: dineliahou@gmail.com
Postal address: Retamim 136, Eilat (Boutique Hotel Hotel)

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